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Olimpia Abbandonata & Other Cantatas

Elecla 20085 Vinci
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Elecla 20085
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Valeria La Grottasoprano
Ensemble Sonar d'affetto
Nicola Brovelli, violoncello 
Mauro Pinciaroli, arciliuto 
Luigi Accardo, clavicembalo


Leonardo Vinci (1696-1730)


Sant'Eligio Vescovo Churc,
La Mandria di Chivasso (To) (Italy)

About this album

«I entered this city, impressed with the highest ideas of the perfect state in which I should find practical music. It was at Naples only that I expected to have my ears gratified with every musical luxury and refinement which Italy could afford. [...] And what lover of music could be in the place which had produced the two Scarlattis, Vinci, Leo, Pergolesi, Porpora, Farinelli, Jommelli, Piccini, Traetta, Sacchini, and innumerable others of the first eminence among composers and performers, both vocal and instrumental, without the most sanguine expectation?». With these words, Charles Burney, the author of one of the most famous and ancient “histories of music” of the modern age, in October 1770 noted in his travel diary his expectations – certainly not unfulfilled – when visiting Naples, a Europea




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