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Elecla 19073
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Diego Cannizzaro, organ


Lorenzo Perosi (1872-1956)


Vincenzo Mascioni (1966) Op. 884


Basilica Cattedrale della Trasfigurazione, Cefalù (PA), Italy

About this album

With this double CD set that follows the presentation of two very beautiful Missae pontificales, Elegia Classics continues its exploration of the production of Lorenzo Perosi, a priest and composer from the region of Piedmont. The program includes his little known organ works, a series of compositions that Perosi wrote for the most part at the beginning of his career. Through these, he began to develop his own original style, freeing himself from the theatrical tones that were close to the Lyric Opera genre and that were adopted by many Italian composers towards the end of the XIX century. These liturgical pieces – often short in time length –feature an intimate atmosphere through which the themes are developed through the resourceful use of the glorious heritage of the past, as can be seen in the fugue passages and in the brilliant improvisation passages. Alongside with these works, the transcriptions made by Marco Enrico Bossi of some excerpts from the Passion of Christ according to Saint Mark’s Gospel and of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Perosi are featured. Diego Cannizzaro, who for this recording plays the splendid Vincenzo Mascioni organ of the Cathedral Basilica of the Transfiguration in Cefalù (Palermo), performs these works with brilliant solidity.

Additional info about this CD
in Cattedrale di Cefalù, Palermo, Italy, on may 2019.
16 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Artist biography
Musicology comment
Full organ specs card included.



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