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Sonate d’intavolatura per organo e cimbalo

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Elecla 19071
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Gabriele Giacomelli, organo
Andrea Banaudi, cembalo


Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726)


Cesare Romani (1588) e Michelangelo Crudeli (1773)
Organo di Michelangelo Crudeli (1777)
e Michelangelo Paoli (prima metà del sec. XIX)


Cattedrale di S. Stefano,
Cappella del Sacro Cingolo, Pieve di San Giusto in Piazzanese, Italy

About this album

One of the most fascinating and paradoxically least known figures of the Baroque is undoubtedly Domenico Zipoli, whose posthumous fame is almost completely linked to his organ production. Actually his work - numerically rather small, if compared to the eighteenth-century standards, but of very high quality - embraces other genres, from the oratorios (unfortunately lost) to the liturgical music and the cantatas, in whose brilliant and very original writing we can see some stylistic element of the most famous composers of those years, starting from Alessandro Scarlatti, who was for a short time one of Zipoli’s teachers. In 1716, Zipoli moved to Seville, where he entered the Jesuit order and decided to leave for missions in Latin America. Arriving in Argentina, the composer of Prato devoted himself intensely to music, helping the local people of the Guaranì to develop their innate musical talent. Unfortunately, in 1725 Zipoli contracted tuberculosis, which the following year led him to death at the age of only 37 years. To honor this highly suggestive author, Elegia launches the complete series of his works with this double box set, starting from the complete works for organ and harpsichord, performed respectively by Gabriele Giacometti - one of the greatest specialists in Zipoli’s work - and Andrea Banaudi, also artistic director of the Accademia del Santo Spirito in Turin. A wide-ranging project destined to discover works of rare beauty.

Additional info about this CD
Recorded: CD1: in Cattedrale di Santo Stefano (Cappella del Sacro Cingolo), Prato, Italy, on 5 July 2013; Pieve di San Giusto in Piazzanese, Prato, on 8 October 2013. .
CD2: in Sacrestia della Chiesa dello Spirito Santo, Torino, Italy, November-December 2018
Booklet di 28 pag iBooklet 28 pages full colour (It, En)
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Musicological comment
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* Cattedrale di S. Stefano, Cappella del Sacro Cingolo,Organo di Cesare Romani (1588) e Michelangelo Crudeli (1773)
   * Pieve di San Giusto in Piazzanese,  Organo di Michelangelo Crudeli (1777) e Michelangelo Paoli (prima metà del sec. XIX)

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