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Elecla 19070
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Cappella Musicale della Cattedrale di Vercelli
Don Denis Silanoconductor


Marco Antonio Centorio (1597/98 - 1638)
Pietro Heredia (1570-1648)

About this album

During Middle Ages the bishopric of Vercelli was one of the most important episcopal venue in northern Italy, also thanks to its position: along Via Francigena, one of the most important European communication routes of the time, crossed both by pilgrims and rich merchants. This strategic position allows Vercelli to get richness, bringing a huge art spread. Beside the architectural masterpieces of the city, the visitors can rediscover the brilliant musical works that were composed here. This CD presents a series of motets by Marco Antonio Centorio and Pietro Heredia. This latter wrote pieces of great interest and he was until today unknown: thanks to Don Denis Silano, director of Cappella Musicale del Duomo, we can listen to this musical beauty. It is an evocative CD, which is added to the first-half of the seventeenth century repertoire, that many identify almost exclusively with Claudio Monteverdi.

Additional info about this CD
Recorded in Cappella del Seminario Arcivescovile Vercelli, Italy, on 17-21 January 2019
20 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Artist biography
Musicology comment.



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