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Seicento - Italian Early baroque music

Elecla 18065
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Accademia del Ricercare Pietro Busca, conductor
Lorenzo Cavasanti, Manuel Staropoli,flauti,
Antonio Fantinuoli, violoncello Ugo Nastrucci, tiorba e chitarra 
Claudia Ferrero, clavicembalo


Francesco Turini (1589 circa–1656)
Giovanni P. Cima (1570 circa–1622)
Dario Castello (1602–1631) 
Antonio Caldara (1670–1736)


Basilica di Sant’Apollinare (Roma), Italy

About this album

During the seventeenth century in Italy the genre of instrumental sonata developed and it was an artistic route that involved a great number of cities and of composers, starting from Sonate concertate in stil moderno by the venetian Dario Castello – a composer that nowadays is wrapped in a fascinating mystery – up to the smooth style and technically unexceptionable of Arcangelo Corelli, who was an example all over Europe. This CD sketches a pleasant fresco of this glorious tradition with a sort of circular path, that starts from Castello, Francesco Turini – a composer born in Praha and active in Brescia for many years – and the Milanese Francesco Paolo Cima, up to Antonio Caldara, coming back finally to the three forerunners: a choice that underlines the coherence with which the sonata spread. A new CD of great interest by Accademia del Ricercare, that, after the beautiful record dedicated to Georg Philipp Teleman’s production, celebrates the Italian 17th century in music. Looking forward to the release of a new CD dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s time, stay tuned for an incredible offer by Elegia Classics.

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Booklet 12 pages full colour (It, En)
Recorded: in chiesa di San Raffaele Arcangelo, San Raffaele Cimena (TO), Italy, on 9th-10th March 2018.
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