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Antonio Caldara - Vespro della Beata Vergine. Missa in Sol

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Collegio Musicale Italiano
Adriano Gaglianello, conductor


Antonio Caldara (1670-ca.1736)


Chiesa confraternitale dei Santi Giovanni Battista e Marta - Chivasso - Turin- Italy

About this album

Among many Italian baroque composers, set aside in spite of them in the background, stands out the name of Antonio Caldara, who had the misfortune to be overshadowed by the bright star of his contemporary and fellow citizen Vivaldi. Left Venetia at 29, Caldara moved first to Mantua and then to Rome, where he was offered the prestigious position of kappelmeister of prince Ruspoli, set free by Georg Friedrich Händel, in order to dock in the end to the Austrian court of Karl VI Hasburg, where he remained until his death. This CD presents as a first worldwide recording two of the most significant liturgical works of the venetian composer, Messa in sol maggiore and Vespro della Beata Vergine: this last one composed after 1716 and transcribed by Adriano Gaglianello from the manuscripts kept at the Staatsbibliothek of Munich. They are works with great suggestion, varied and original style, also appreciated by Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, that got inspiration for some of their sacred pages. An absolute first time not to be missed, even thanks to the magnificent performance of Collegio Musicale italiano directed by Adriano Gaglianello. 

Additional info about this CD
Recorded in Chiesa confraternitale dei Santi G. Battista e Marta, Chivasso, Turin, Italy, in March 2012
12 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Musicology comment,
Artists biography



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