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Gli Organi Agati e Tronci

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Autori toscani dal XVI al XIX Sec.


Organo Cosimo Ravani (1626),
Agati-Tronci (1890 ca.), Cutigliano (PT).
Organo Pietro Agati (1789), Bargi (BO).
Organo Onofrio Zeffirini (1555),
Antonio e Filippo Tronci (17869, Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI).
Organo Domenico Cacioli-Antonio e Filippo Tronci (1745), (PT).
Organo Giosuè Agati, 1820, Limite sull’Arno (FI).

About this album

Always committed to increase the value of the Italian historic organs, Elegia Classics outlines in this CD a fascinating cutaway of the Tuscan instruments with regard to four organs realized between the half of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XIX century by Agati and Tronci families, that are almost like dynasties. The wide programme is conceived to reach the highest improvement of the timbre and expressive characteristics of each instrument, with an exhaustive anthology of the Tuscan organ literature, that ranges over the sixteenth century authors such as Gioseffo Guami and Francesco Bianciardi to Giuseppe Gherardeschi, composer of whom Elegia has recently published the opera omnia, performed by Andrea Vannucchi. Among the most interesting authors, it is also important to remember Bernardo Pasquini and Domenico Puccini, grandfather of Giacomo. For this repertoire Andrea Vannucchi was the best, because he proposes a very appropriate performance, that also underlines four splendid organs.

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