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Spanish Organ Fantasy

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Montserrat Torrent Serra


Antonio De Cabezon (1510-1566)
Juan De Cabezon (1515-1566) 
Hernando De Cabezon (1541-1602) 
Antonio Carreira (ca.1529/30-1587/97) 
Francisco Correa De Arauxo (1584-1654) 
Manuel Rodriguez Coelho (1555-1635)
Juan Batista Cabanilles (1644-1712)


Luigi Concone e Figli (1838)


Oratorio San Filippo Neri, Turin, Italy

About this album

When we talk about organ production, spontaneously we think of Bach’s Germany, Dupré, Vierne and Widor’s France and Frescobaldi’s Italy, not sure of Spain, that it is famous most of all in other genres. This CD contributes to enlight a series of composers that were wrongly forgot: among them shines Antonio de Cabezón, unknown author that stayed in Italy for some time and that instilled in his eclectic style some elements of the authors of the time. Cabezón’s family is also represented by some pieces by Juan and Hernando, this one son of Antonio, to whom is the credit of the persistence of many works of his father. The programme is not limited to Spain, but also offers some evocative pieces of Portuguese authors as Manuel Rodrigues Coelho and Antonio Carreira: it ends with the beautiful Xácara of the Catalan Juan Bautista Cabanilles. These works, with an unmistakable Iberian atmosphere, are performed with an incomparable technical and expressive mastery by Montserrat Torrent, one of the most important performer of this fascinating repertoire.

Additional info about this CD
Recorded in San Filippo Neri Oratorio, Turin in march, 2016. 
16 pages full colour booklet (Ita and Eng)
Musicology comment
Artist biography
Full organ specs card included



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