Silano Don Denis



Cappella Musicale of Vercelli Cathedral (mixed choir, soloists, “Collegio degli Innocenti” children’s choir and period instruments) mainly aims at reviving the Vercelli Cathedral manuscript and printed music heritage dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The ensemble, led by Maestro Monsignor Denis Silano, consists of musicians specialized in performing early music and sided by amateur singers. They perform at liturgical services in the Piedmontese cathedral. Vercelli born priest Denis Silano studied organ, choir conducting, composition, gregorian chant and musicology. He was the curator of the modern edition of Harmonia super vespertinos psalmos sex vocibus by O. Colombano (Venice, 1579) published by Vox Antiqua international journal and of its world-premiere recording under Brilliant Classics in 2018. His works have been published by Rugginenti (Milan) and Edizioni Paoline (Rome). He is Maestro di Cappella at Vercelli Cathedral...



Elecla 19070  Centorio Heredia copertina

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